Academic Information, Homework, Lockers, and Searches


HCDE Grading Scale:

93-100    A

85-92      B

75-84      C

70-74      D

59-69      F

59 is the lowest grade that will be recorded on any students’ report card.

Incomplete: Recorded due to extenuating circumstances; must be removed within two weeks after the conclusion of the course; otherwise, it will be recorded as an F. We ask that parents and students access PowerSchool to review progress on a weekly basis with their child.


Homework will be a regular part of the instructional process at TMA. Please set aside a homework time for your child each evening and morning to check their agenda and review homework assignments. Students are expected to study for a minimum of one hour outside of the school day. It is vital that they read outside of the school day for a minimum of 30 minutes per night.  Please monitor your child’s independent reading and have them record it.


A locker is to be used only by the student to whom it has been assigned. Inappropriately placed locks and outside padlocks are prohibited and will be removed and discarded. Students are responsible for the contents and the condition of the locker assigned to them. Lockers are subject to a periodic check and may be searched by school officials. Having a locker is a school privilege and will be taken away if it is misused, abused or shared. 


T.C.A. 49-6-4204 states that school officials may search students, their possessions, and lockers if deemed necessary. This is not limited to the school day but may also include school activities held at or away from school.

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