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To use the library's online catalog or access your library account, please visit the main library page.

Library Rules

1. Be Respectful of Others With Your Voice Level and Behavior.

The library is meant to be a comfortable place for everyone to learn, study and read. Whispering is the appropriate level of talking.

2. Return our books.

The library's books belong to everyone. When you borrow a book, you are borrowing it from your classmates and from the community. You have (14) days to enjoy your items.  Please return them quickly and in good condition for others to enjoy.

3. Be Safe.

Protect yourself from harm by avoiding horseplay. Continue to manage yourself as you do elsewhere in the building, and do not rock back in your chairs, jump on sofa or misuse Brain Gym equipment.

4. Be Courteous.

Clean up your own messes, including pushing in your chairs. Choose kind words. The library is a safe place that includes everyone!

Library Policies

Borrowing Books

Students may borrow up to two (2) books at a time for (14) days, so long as none is overdue. If a student has even one book overdue, he/she may not borrow another.

Renewing Books

Books may be renewed online using your library account from any computer. Students may only renew books from their accounts one time per book, and only if the book has not yet become overdue. Students may renew a book for an unlimited number of times by bringing them to the library desk for renewal.

Returning Books

Books borrowed from the library must be returned to the library. There is a locked cabinet just outside the library's doors for returning items. Giving a book to a teacher or returning it in the front office are not recommended. Students will be fined for any days that pass between the time a book is given to a teacher and the time it is logged in the library's computer.

Fines and Fees

When your child visits the library, he or she will be informed of the due date for his or her books. Students check out books for two weeks. They are allowed a two day grace period, but after that, a fine of $.10 is charged per school day. If a book is lost or damaged beyond my ability to repair it, your child will be fined the cost of the book. Students who owe fines may not be allowed to borrow books. We, should the need arise, we reserve the right to hold a student's report card in trust while waiting for payment. These policies are not intended to keep children from borrowing and enjoying books. They help to ensure that students have access to our books by discouraging students from stockpiling or losing books at home.


Your child will be notified when he has items overdue. If you would like to be notified via email of your child's due dates, please make this request via email to me. I will need your name, your email address, and your child's full name. You can also sign up for text message updates regarding your child's library account using his or her library account on the main library page.

Library Expectations

1. Be Prompt.

2. Be Prepared.

3. Be Productive.

4. Be Kind.

5. Respect Yourself and Others.

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