Athletics Eligibility

Students must be academically promoted, (not placed), in the next grade level,  have satisfactory grades previous quarter and current, meet the approval of the coach and pass a physical examination before participating in sports. All students are given an equal opportunity to participate through tryouts. Team membership one season does not guarantee membership the next season. Interscholastic contest rules established and sanctioned by the T.M.S.S.A.A. shall govern all sports sanctioned by that organization. Interscholastic competition is a privilege and may be withdrawn for disciplinary reasons. Fees must be paid prior to the first game. Fees are not refundable. Eligible student athletes are required to pass ELA and Math. In addition, student athletes must pass 2 out of 3 in Science, Social Studies and Related Arts. Coaches will require weekly progress reports to determine eligibility. 

Student-athletes will not be allowed to dress out or sit on the bench with the team until they are passing. All student-athletes must participate in study hall and/or tutoring sessions.

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