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At Home Chromebook Troubleshooting 


1. Frozen Screen or Keyboard: Push down the power button on the side of the device until the light goes off. Wait 30 seconds. Press the power button again to power up the device. This should reactivate the screen and keyboard.

2. Device not Enrolled: If an enrollment message displays when trying to log in with your HCDE account, complete the following steps at the enrollment screen.

a. Username:
b. Password: Enroll#0878
c. Click Skip registration of device if asked
d. Enter your HCDE account info when login window appears

3. Power Issues: If your device is not charging properly, try these strategies.

a. Check to make sure the micro usb is completely inserted into the port
b. Connect to the other charging port on the opposite side of the c. Chromebook (it is not unusual for a port to die)
d. Make sure the cable that connects to the charging block is securely seated

4. Dead Charger: If you are sure that your charger no longer works, a replacement can be purchased on any website that has tech supplies (ex. Amazon or Best Buy)

a. Lenovo 500e is the touchscreen model
b. Lenovo N23 is the standard screen model

Additional Issues: Contact Mrs. Tumlin at 


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