Cell Phones & Electronic Devices


Cell phones, smart watches, electronic devices and accessories including but not limited to earbuds, headphones, etc. are prohibited during school hours 8:30 – 4:15. This policy applies anywhere on the school grounds, including outside. The school provides over the ear headphones in all classrooms. Personal headphones are not to be used without explicit teacher direction. Any electronic device, including cell phones, smart watches, or earbuds that is seen whether being used or not, will be confiscated and held in the office for a minimum of three days. Confiscation is in accordance with Hamilton County Department of Education policy.  In accordance with HCDE Administrative Procedures, violation of the school’s electronics policy shall include the following consequences after a courtesy consequence for the first violation:  

First Offense: Item confiscated for 3 school days with parent pick up permitted. 

Second Offense: Item confiscated for 5 school days with no parent pick up allowed. 

Third Offense: Item confiscated for 10 school days with no parent pick up allowed.

Fourth Offense: Item confiscated for 20 school days with no parent pick up allowed.

Please call the main office at 423-855-2648, if an emergency arises and a parent needs to get a message to a student immediately..

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