Attendance Policy


Regular attendance is vital for your child's academic success! Students are required by law to be present for the majority of the school day to count as an attendance day. Early dismissals count as unexcused absences unless a doctor's note or a court document is turned into the office. We ask that you do not ask for an early dismissal from 3:30-4:00. Students must be in attendance for at least ½ the day to participate in any extracurricular or academic events.


There are six legal reasons for excusing a child from school according to the Hamilton County School Board Policy (6.200):

1. The child's personal illness

2. Death in the family (not to exceed 3 days)

3. Illness in family requiring child to assist in care (physician's statement is required).

4. Recognized religious holidays regularly attended by persons of that faith (Prior approval is required in order for this to be excused.)

5. Personal: dental, doctor, court etc. with proof of appointment

6. School sponsored activities

No vacations can be excused absences.


  • Parents are contacted daily by phone for absences. Please keep numbers updated.
  • A referral to the social worker is made after 5 unexcused absences.

If a student is absent for any reason, they must bring a note signed by the parent or doctor showing his name, reason for absence, the date of the absence and a home phone number. This is to be given to the attendance clerk and the child will show a copy to each classroom teacher.


Requesting makeup work is the responsibility of the student and will be made up at the teacher's convenience. There will be five school days to complete the work. Work for unexcused absences and suspension will be made up with 90% credit. Suspended students may receive work upon their return. There is a three day limit for tardy work.


It is the principal's responsibility to establish a committee that will determine the effect that absences have on a student's grade after 5 absences in any given nine week period. The committee shall consist of the grade level teachers, the guidance counselor, an administrator and a parent or guardian, if possible.

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