Discipline Plan

Major Offenses - Immediate Office Referral

Fighting, profanity, or verbal assault directed toward staff
Theft or damage to school or personal property
Use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, or weapon
Violence or threatened violence toward staff

(Parent notification is expected for consequence.)


First Offense: Suspension

Second Offense: Suspension, Alternative Placement

Third Offense: Referral to Alternative School

Theft or Damage to School or Personal Property

To be determined by administration

Zero Tolerance Violations
The following offenses will be reported to administration, and the student will be expelled for one calendar year:

Possessing a firearm or an explosive, fire device (matches, lighters) or poison gas device.

Unlawfully possessing, using or selling drugs, narcotics, stimulant drugs or drug paraphernalia. This includes prescription, non-prescription and "look-alike" drugs.

Committing battery (bodily injury) upon any teacher, principal, or any other employee of the Hamilton County Department of Education.

Any gang related behaviors, signs, symbols, or actions

Minor Offenses
Minor offenses will be addressed using the "Student Profile Sheet" and Disciplinary Referrals. Minor offenses include: classrooms disruptions, tardiness, horseplay, failure to bring materials to class, dress code violations, bad language, harassment, defiance/insubordination, prohibited items (games, toys, cell phones, etc.).

The Administration reserves the right to address and modify anything that is deemed harmful to the school's climate.

First Offense: Teacher Intervention

Second Offense: Teacher Intervention and Parent Contact

Third Offense: Teacher Intervention, Parent Contact, and Referral to Support Staff

All other offenses should be referred to an administrator on a disciplinary referral form with supporting documentation of previous interventions on "Student Profile Sheet"

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